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DC Meme | 10 characters (1/10)
Aquaman / Arthur Curry
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"Loki !"
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Crash Team Racing (CTR) 1999

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Yes, yes. Very nice. But I’m just gonna add my favorite wardrobe change.

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im gonna start working on this in 10 minutes no exceptions

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It’s not frustrating at all. It’s just… it’s going to be lonely, not being able to fight alongside everyone. But being lonely isn’t nearly as bad as being in the way. If I’m just going to be a hindrance to Kurosaki-kun, to everyone, then it’s far better to be lonely

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Unfortunately, Diana soon discovered that, in some backward countries of this supposedly “enlightened” world, the words of a woman, no matter how meaningful or true, simply will not be heard.

Wonder Woman 08 (1987)

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Justice League: Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent

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